Ingrid van Dorp


Coordinator Agile Consulting




Study programme  

Finance & Control & HRBS minor programmes 

I teach 

Strategic management related courses, like business model analysis, Presentations & Negotiations, Personal development, Research. Besides that I am an internship coach, bachelor thesis advisor and examiner for Finance & Control students and Strategic Communication students. In Agile Consulting I am the programme coordinator and one of the coaches. 

About me

What, do I think, is the added value of case based education for students? 

Case-based eduction creates significant learning experiences for students (and coaches). Especially participating in case competitions while solving real business issues is a great way of learning. Win-win situation for every one. 

What you should know about me : 

I always see opportunities to grow and enjoy life. 

When I coach with cases you can expect me to focus on : 

Strategic issues, Human Resources Management, Change management, Option generation (creative techniques), Cross Cultural management, Marketing Communication