Hans van Oudheusden

President RICA and Coach President

NIBS (Network of International Business Schools)



Rotterdam University AS

Study programme  

Rotterdam International Case Academy (RICA)

I teach 

I do not teach that much, but when I teach it is about trends in macro-economics, critical thinking, negotiations, cross-cultural management and presentations.

About me

What, do I think, is the added value of case based education for students? 

I truly believe that creating high-performance teams tackling the problems of real companies in our own Rotterdam area with an interdisciplinary and integrative approach in a competitive setting will lead to professionals who are capable of taking on the challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s world; those students are our future business leaders.

What you should know about me : 

It makes me happy when a student makes the most of his/her talents and discovers that (s)he is capable of more than (s)he thinks. That doesn’t mean that you always have to be the best; in the end it is about personal growth and feeling good about what you do. Our case academy wants to create an environment in which you can flourish.

When I coach with cases you can expect me to focus on : 

Story telling: Is what I see and hear as a coach or jury member logical, coherent and convincing? Is there a main thread? Does the solution actually solve the problem?

Team building: Is the sum of four team members five or maybe even six? Is there mutual trust? Does the team really make the most of its possibilities?