Britta Stoelinga

Vice-President RICA and Coach

Coordinator All Stars Rotterdam



Rotterdam University AS

Study programme  

Rotterdam International Case Academy , Agile Consulting & All Stars Rotterdam  

I teach 

I only teach at RICA programmes 

About me

What, do I think, is the added value of case based education for students? 

Students build their confidence, realise how different managerial perspectives connect and learn to make sound (and sometimes bold) management decisions, even if time and information are limited. They also learn to trust and build on their team-members. 

What you should know about me : 

I believe you are capable of much more than you think you are. I am willing to go the extra mile to proof that, if you are also willing to go the extra mile. 

When I coach with cases you can expect me to focus on : 

Your conclusions and choices should be supported by sound arguments, grounded in analysis; the red line between analysis-options-implementation.