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Our closest stakeholders do not only know but also back our strong commitment to our agile teaching methods. They understand how case-based education can benefit students in their learning journey and provide them with a hands-on approach to solving strategic and operational challenges firms face. 

The video series below demonstrates our commitment to case cracking and articulates on our endeavor to promote that to both the educators and the students. 


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Episode 1

In the first video of this series meet Hans and Britta and learn about the unique perspective and experiences regarding case-based education. Wondering how that can benefit you? Watch!

Episode 2

What exactly is case cracking? Why is it for you? And where to start? This video will introduce you to the case solving cycle and provide the basic information you need to set up. 

Episode 3

Watch this video to get a general understanding of the techniques that help you become an efficient case cracker. The topics touched upon are further discussed in episodes 5-8.

Episode 4

Hans and Britta are really committed to their teaching method. But what do their alumni have to say? Is case cracking really beneficial? Quirijn, Jolien, Daniel, and Frèderique know the answer.

Episode 5

Conducting a proper and detailed analysis is critical; that is your foundation to a fitting advice…and you do not want a shaky foundation! So please do watch this episode very carefully. 

Episode 6

After the analysis you will be generating solutions. We give you some hands-on advice about how to come up with brilliant ideas. Don’t forget a pen and paper and let your creativity unleash!

Episode 7

You can have the greatest idea in the world if you don’t know how to turn it into reality. So let’s take some steps towards implementation shall we?

Episode 8

When resources are scarce, every penny counts. To assess the financial implications, meet Guus, an experienced case cracker and a case coach. 

Episode 9

Storytelling is gold! Let us explore together how an engaging and convincing story will help you better convey your message. Tune in for more!

Episode 10

Are you a confident public speaker? Presenting your solution requires a strong stage presence. We have compiled some tips and tricks that can help you rock! Best of luck!