All Stars Consultancy - Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today

Do you really want to exceed and feel adrenaline? Do you want to put yourself in the spotlight of organisations, and make impact? Do you want to be that indispensable link in a high-performance team?

Do you want to be the ambassador for our university and represent us worldwide in high-quality international case competitions?

Then this is the right programme for you!

All Stars Consultancy  – Solving Today’s and Tomorrow’s Problems – is an intensive case training programme and counts as a minor+; the programme (offered in fall) is open to students from all study programmes and institutes.

This minor will turn well-motivated and talented students like you into the expert problem-solvers ánd team-players that are needed by many companies. Now more than ever! On the one hand transdisciplinary teams with people from many different backgrounds/programmes are crucial for good solutions (different perspectives are vital), on the other hand you will have to contribute towards the success of your team by bringing in your own specific knowledge and expertise (experts like you are needed).

How does the programme look like?

First, you will be extensively trained in team-based, accelerated problem-solving methods and skills. You can then be sent out to competitions around the world. During these competitions, you and your team will be challenged to solve problems of real companies and real managers. You will present your solutions to professional juries, and they will compare your proposals with those of other student teams. These are teams from all over the world and often from very well-known and top-level universities. It’s up to you to defend the honour of our university! You are the “Stars of Rotterdam”.

On top of that, you will build up an international network and meet a lot of new friends.

At home, you will organise a competition yourselves: the Rotterdam Case Competition (RCC). Participating students are students of Rotterdam University AS. Together with companies from the Rotterdam area, you will write cases yourselves first, and these “live cases” will be used in the RCC.

By going to case competitions, by writing cases and by organising your own case event you will develop skills that are very practical and very essential. Your CV gets a real boost. Participation in All Stars Rotterdam will prove your ability to work in teams, to make fast and solid decisions under time pressure, to solve complex problems and to achieve results. Be aware that some competitions are played in spring. In that case, we will ask you to be flexible and combine a competition with your graduation internship; this has never been a problem in the past, because graduation companies only welcome case competition participation.

All Stars Consultancy is certainly a demanding programme, but … you also get unforgettable experiences in return. And participants often become friends for life. Join us!

NOTE: Willingness to constantly improve yourself is KEY. Therefore, you will be interviewed and asked about your motivation first (in spring, so long before the start of the programme) in order to determine All Stars Consultancy will fit you. You can already pre-apply by sending an email to with your cv and a motivation letter.  After receipt you will be invited for an interview.  

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