No RICA without Alumni!

At RICA we believe it is very important to stay into good contact with you, our distinguished case alumni! Do you know that you now form a group of over 1.112 students and counting. Already more than 350 participants in case competitions.

You know better than anyone how to prepare students best for cracking cases or a case tournament; you are excellent trainers. In addition, you all now have jobs in which you use your unique experience and expertise with cases; that is why you can provide very practical guest lectures. You form an indispensable link between our university and the professional field. You as alumni are also very capable of judging during competitions; you know exactly what is needed for a fair assessment of all solutions.

And perhaps most importantly, entering case competitions as a team has often created lifelong friendships. RICA is happy to facilitate your friendships and organises alumni meetings.

For me personally the most important skills are analytical skills, understanding and structuring any problem, thinking of solutions and comparing these in order to come to the best solution. I still use these skills every day. No matter in what area the problem is, the way of solving is the same. And of course, presentation skills, getting the right message across to your audience in the most effective and efficient way. Argumentation, comprehending and building your case with structured arguments. Really important.

Younesse Zouane
Senior Channel Manager, T-Mobile

Working together in a team (you always have to help each other and only the combination of different strengths makes a team strong), quick and analytical thinking and my English improved.

Now I work in an international country and I see the benefits: I recognize different cultures and backgrounds.

Quirijn van der Haven
Head of Interplanetary Marketing, Mopinion

Presentation skills and selling your solution to customers. During competitions I learned how important it is to present to the audience and jury members. At the same time I learned how to sell my solution, you have to convince other people. Of course, analysing data and situations. And very important, multi-tasking. And yes, never wait till tomorrow, do things now. I make priority lists and I can work under pressure.

Kaneshka Burhan
Accountmanager, Rabobank


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