Some 50 students started our case-based semester of Agile Consulting in February. Ten teams were trained for months, trying to solve complex challenges from various companies and managers. Last week, a high-level manager from CocaCola came to listen to some presentations on ideas on how to better use the resource “water”. He was very impressed by the creative solutions of some Agile Consulting teams and assured the students to start working on some plans right away. CocaCola is now also very keen to continue working with our Case Academy.

And this week, our young professionals from Agile Consulting visited the companies Leaflets and Holland Scherming. They too employ managers who are very interested in the solutions provided by our Agile Consulting teams. The presentations were professional and of a high standard. Both companies were very pleased with the results. Who made this “educational journey” extra special were the case writers.  Both cases had been written by the students of our other case-based semester: All Stars Consultancy.

A big thank you to the students, the coaches and the company managers! You alle made the Rotterdam International Case Academy very proud. We are already looking forward to next year …

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