It is Sunday afternoon and over ice slabs and snow drifts, Erik Bakker (IB), Anouk Roeters (BIM), Emma Riley (IB) and Maurice Augusson (F&C) slither into the large, modern hall of the IB Business School in Oslo. Together with students and coaches from colleges and universities around the world, they will spend a week competing for the best solutions in the BI International Case Competition.

Actually, the competition already started a week ago, at Kralingse Zoom in Rotterdam. That’s when they were sent the first case. After exactly 12 hours, they had to return a PowerPoint presentation with the solution to Norway. They now have to present this tomorrow, Monday, to a jury of experts. The case is about a problem at Mesta, a large Norwegian construction company whose business areas include the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and tunnels. These areas are divided into regions, and now the curious fact arises that for similar projects and turnovers, one region is significantly more profitable than another. Odd, how can that be?

The draw shows that “our” Rotterdam Business School will have to compete tomorrow against American University Beirut, Copenhagen Business School and University New-Zealand. Maurice, Emma, Erik and Anouk decide to practice the presentation a few more times after dinner. At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, they have to be ready for the “real thing” ..

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