RICA students help and coach IB students, a unique cooperation!

Rotterdam International Case Academy>RICA students help and coach IB students, a unique cooperation!

Under the umbrella of the Rotterdam International Case Academy RICA) almost 50 students from IB carried out a Sustainable Business Innovation project. Their main challenge was solving a case, based  on one of the biggest problems the Port of Rotterdam is facing right now: how to shape the energy transition in an adequate and efficient way?

Students of the case training programme All Stars Rotterdam (a minor+) organised an intensive course in which the IB students learned to analyse a complex problem in a structured way. They had to come up with possible solutions for a practice case and work out the best and most feasible solution in detail in an action plan.

After this intensive course, the IB students were given 2 weeks to thoroughly immerse themselves in the situation of the Port of Rotterdam, coached by the All Stars students. The “big day” was at the end of December. Then they got the case: the concrete problem of one of the top policy makers of the Port of Rotterdam. Nine teams got to work and after a few hours three of them reached the Big Final. They got the chance to present their solution to the jury. The results were impressive.

Students helping other students, students creating innovative ideas in a changing business environment, students enjoying learning and applying the case cracking method …  This is how education should be. Interested? Just contact RICA!

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