Rotterdam International Case Academy>Agile Consulting about to start!

In a few days students from several HR institutes and many different programmes will embark on a wonderful educational journey. They will do this together with students from partner schools from many different countries. It won’t be an easy “trip”, but the ride will certainly be worthwhile and memorable!

Agile Consulting – an International Business Pressure Cooker – integrates different functional business areas to prepare them the best way possible for the real world of business. This programme is 100% case-based and has a very hands-on approach. Ten interdisciplinary and intercultural teams of five students each will consult companies in the Rotterdam area along real challenges.

All teams will be intensively trained. Teamwork and thinking on your feet are key, creating impact is the ambitious goal. Creating feasible and innovative solutions that really help managers move forward.

Long hours and obstacles along the way? O yes!  However, the reward at the end will be totally worth it. A transformative experience!

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