Rotterdam International Case Academy>LAZICC 2021 CASE COMPETITION

The case competition “season” has started again. It started with our own Rotterdam International Case Competition Bootcamp (RICCB) last week and will end at the end of April with a competition at Erasmus University.

This weekend starts LAZICC: the Lazaridis International Case Competition.  A competition organized by the prestigious Wilfried Laurier University, Waterloo (close to Toronto), Canada, and meant for students eager to learn, grow and solve invigorating challenges.

These challenges will be technology based. Consistent with this, cases will either ask for recommendations on how technology can be harnessed to pursue company objectives or, if it is a technology company, the question may be more mainstream, i.e. how the company’s product can be marketed.

Our students from ALL STARS ROTTERDAM have trained long and hard. The team that will defend the flag of Rotterdam, consists of Martin Alcon (IB), Sebastian van Berkum (Vastgoed & Makelaardij), Arjen Scheele (Bedrijfskunde) and Thanya Koorneef (BIM)

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