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Students are the future, we know that better than anyone. In the last few years, we have had many trainees and grad students working for us. Moreover, multiple studies have been done in various modules at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Not only do they learn, but so do we! Students often have a unique view on our challenges and bring refreshing ideas to the table.

Within the framework of the international study course ‘Business Pressure Cooker’, five agile groups of five students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have spent the past few months working on the case “PTI: Stewardship in a time of transition”.

Due to the integrative approach of the Business Pressure Cooker, the students focus on the connections between, among other things, strategy, marketing and operations, finance and accounting (Source: Hogeschool Rotterdam). All with the aim of writing a business report about how PTI can remain innovative, distinctive and successful in the future. This approach has resulted in a presentation of very valuable recommendations and ideas.

After extensive research into the history of PTI, research and analyses, two Q&A sessions and a first (provisional) presentation, the five groups gave the final presentation of their plans for the future of PTI on Wednesday May 26th. Jan Posma (Director) and Casper Duin (HR advisor) were impressed by the ideas presented. Jan: “We were surprised by the enthusiasm and the level of the ideas presented. The students have fully understood what phase PTI is in and what challenges the future holds.”

Specifically, it was presented why PTI should opt for services in the healthcare sector, or for the expansion of the Planning Suite to a full ERP package (with HR and financial modules). But there are also opportunities in the planning of installation checks for refineries or in the planning for construction and installation companies. And off course, the students looked at opportunities close to home; providing student houses with individual meters (Water / Gas / Electricity) with a connecting App so that students can be informed individually.

Casper: ”It was great to spar with the students and their teachers about realism and feasibility. Concrete points of attention for the students are creating a realistic timeline in relation to product and service development and formulating a realistic financial business case. The enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and interest they showed in the case and in PTI were contagious and inspiring.”

We are extremely grateful, and we would like to thank the students for their dedication and empathy!

We hope to be able to work with many students in the future by means of business cases. By focusing on challenges and concepts rather than lectures, students develop a holistic and realistic way of doing business. As far as we are concerned, a successful learning method, which we gladly participate in!

Do you see opportunities for a similar collaboration? Please contact us and maybe we can help each other out!

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